05 July 2014

One of the most amazing days of our lives...

Thank you so very much for helping to make Saturday, 19th April one of the most amazing days of our lives.

Having someone so thoughtful, caring, insightful and intuitive conduct our ceremony made it so incredibly special. The emotion that filled the air was only more fuelled by your wonderful words and articulate presentation. Right from our very first meeting to discuss the plans for the day we felt extremely comfortable with you and loved how you 'got' us and what we wanted our wedding day to be.

The ideas and input you gave on things we hadn't thought of was invaluable. Although we may be a little biased - it was the best wedding we've ever been too!

Much love
Tony & Neil xxx

Acting for friends is in itself a unique responsibility and honour...having to keep it ‘secret’ well that took the task to a whole new level.

I wouldn’t have wanted it any different; knowing the boys as well as I do, meant it was as it should be: with style and pizzazz (understated with the very best in good taste), in a fabulous secret setting, treating the 45 of their nearest and dearest family and friends invited, to an eventful weekend none will ever forget!

A 50th Birthday celebration for Neil, the couples 25th Anniversary and then what no-one knew - Tony & Neil got ‘married’.

- Lyndsay